Phalaenopsis Silangan Luar – Registered

 In Hobiku
Phalaenopsis Fuller's Pink Stripe

Silangan Phalaenopsis Fuller’s Pink Swallow X Phalaenopsis Fuller’s Black Stripe

Breeder : Fuller’s Orch.

Diregistrasi tahun 2012

Phalaenopsis I-hsin Circus

Silangan I-hsin Spot Leopard X Phalaenopsis Yellow Chimera

Breeder : I-hsin Biotech

Diregistrasi tahun 2013

Phalaenopsis Lianher Happy Dancer

Silangan Phalaenopsis Memoria Francis Hunte X Phalaenopsis Ming Hsing Cinderella

Breeder : Lianher Orch.

Diregistrasi tahun 2007

Phalaenopsis Sogo Black Beauty

Silangan Phalaenopsis Sogo Dora X Phalaenopsis Fureshing Speckle

Breeder : Sogo

Diregistrasi tahun 2013

Phalaenopsis Sogo Brandy

Silangan Phalaenopsis Salu Peoker X Phalaenopsis Sogo Smith

Breeder : Sogo

Diregistrasi tahun 2006

Phalaenopsis Sogo Dio

Silangan Phalaenopsis Sogo Pride X Phalaenopsis Haur Jin Diamond

Breeder : Sogo

Diregistrasi tahun 2006

Phalaenopsis Tinny Honey

Silangan Phalaenopsis New Glad X Phalaenopsis Tinny Sweetgirl

Breeder : Tiny Orch.

Diregistrasi tahun 1997

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